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We’re Not Your Average SEO Agency

Our Team

Sasch a.k.a. “The Disaster Recovery Guy” has been a globally recognized online disaster recovery specialist for well over a decade. As a highly accomplished troubleshooter and strategist he conducts analyses, risk assessments, and forensic audits which diagnose, mitigate, and remedy weaknesses and fail points across the entire corporate spectrum both online and offline. He has saved numerous companies from failure, internationally, during his career.

Lyndon a.k.a. Darth Autocrat is widely described as “The SEO’s SEO.” In short, he’s the man many of the big names call when they run out of ideas. But despite being one of the most widely recognized freelance Search Engine Optimizers and Troubleshooters on the planet, Lyndon has managed to keep his real identity a secret during the course of a career spanning over two and a half decades.

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What Makes Us Different?

  1. Over 50 years of combined experience in SEO and Online Marketing
  2. Close personal relationships and superior work ethics

We’re not just colleagues, jumbled together on a corporate whim. We are fast Friends who have known each other for decades, ever since the early days of Google, when we first decided to enter the world of online commerce and search engine optimization. Our professions have have taken us in slightly separate directions over the years, with one of us specializing in disaster recovery and forensic SEO, and the other becoming a globally-recognized authority in the field of Search Engine Optimization, called on by some of the biggest names in the sector.

However, we’ve remained close throughout the years, learning from one another’s acquired knowledge in his specialist field, and supporting each other professionally.

Now, in 2024 we’ve decided to join forces with a mission to change the global Search Engine Optimization sector for the better by educating not only SEOs, but their non-technical customers.

We deliver on our promises.

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Strategy Guides and Videos

Recovering from a “Hacked WordPress Site” Manual Action

Nowadays WordPress is responsible for running close to half (43% approx.) of all websites online. Needless to say, this makes it the most attacked Content Management System by a long way.

Coupled with the fact that WordPress’ security is notoriously poor, the success rate of hacking and intrusion attempts is alarmingly high, which in turn means that the ‘Hacked WordPress Website’ manual action has replaced ‘Unnatural Links’ as the most commonly issued Google penalty.

Our detailed guide provides step by step remedial instructions if your WordPress installation has been compromised. Continue Reading…

How-To: “Remedial Link Audit” using Tools

If you’re worried that your site’s inbound link profile might result in an “Unnatural Links” Manual Action, the best way forward is to conduct a preventive link audit, and the best tools for the task are arguably those found on Majestic.com¹.

Some of Our Clients

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¹ Majestic isn’t paying us to say this. It’s simply a statement of fact, based on years of use and experience.